We Speak For You....

When You Can't Speak For Yourself


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When a biker goes down, more often than not,

EMERGENCY information isn't available ON LOCATION to EMT or the person assisting the biker.

CODE 10 BIKER DOWN has developed SMASH.  SMASH is a Supplemental Medical Alert System Helper totally CUSTOMIZED for BIKERS

Your SMASH package can assist EMT's or others, during an EMERGENCY. 


"SMASH speaks for you... when you can't" 




CODE 10 BIKER DOWN is a Supplemental Medical Alert System Helper (SMASH) tailored for bikers.  We are not liable for SMASH packages (i.e. cards, wristbands, stickers) that are damaged or destroyed whether in an accident or not.  It is the SOLE responsibility of the client to submit current and accurate information at all times.  Should ANY changes arise, it is the SOLE responsibility of the client to submit all changes on our change form and purchase a replacement SMASH package to assure changes have been updated in our data base. Code 10 Biker Down SOLE  responsibility is to collect and import our client provided data into our database and use that information to produce the SMASH package  to our clients to be used in EMERGENCY situations.  It is EXTREMELY important that ALL information in your SMASH profile is consistent and accurate at ALL times.  Any changes will AUTOMATICALLY result in a new SMASH package to be shipped to you upon client submitted changes and full payment.  This is VITAL to assuring if an unfortunate incident/accident occurs, EMT or person assisting will have ACCURATE medical information that could possibly save your life.  

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